How many calories does jumping on a trampoline burn?

No doubt that a trampoline is a good way to exercise. And the best part of this thing is its fun and effortless ways to exercise. And there are many ways to calories burned on a trampoline.

Last week, one of my fitness freaks asked about how many calories does jumping on a trampoline burn.

First, I thought she was overthinking about trampoline exercise but once I started studying this topic, I was getting even more serious than her.

Well, the fact is it is very essential to learn exactly how many calories you are burning on a trampoline.


Well, I need a long space to explain the whole fact. And I am here today to do so.

Jumping is a good exercise for your whole body. And jumping on a trampoline is even better though it is effortless and funny. However, by jumping on a trampoline, you can eventually lose a considerable amount of calories that you may not do by spending a lot of time in a gym. The number of burnt calories depends on a few issues.

  • How long you are jumping,
  • What kind of trampoline are using, and
  • How you are jumping.

I can simply say that you can lose this many calories by jumping on a trampoline for this long. But that cannot basically help you in your exercise session. It’s because you may not have the same situation as me. How it’s better to be aware of the whole fact in detail. For that just keep watching and I promise you will get something helpful today.

Can Trampoline Exercise Burn Calories?

calories burned on a trampoline

It is the first question, my friend actually asked if a trampoline can burn calories. I can say YES with lots of proof. Many of you just think that a trampoline is only a kid’s fun jumping platform and it can have no effect on our body. I’m sorry to say that you will be hundred percent wrong if you are thinking so.

Basically, jumping on a trampoline for exercise needs to be handled in a different way than kids are doing that for fun. There are different exercises that gym and yoga centers follow as a part of their exercise. And different exercises can burn calories of different amounts.

However, you must know that jumping with a rope is well-known as a great full-body exercise. Things ain’t different in the case of a trampoline as well. You will jump on the trampoline continuously and so, every part of your body will get the movement. So, you will lose calories as you have big movements on each jump.

The fact about how using a trampoline can affect your body is pretty much simple. Still, there are some medical issues I suggest you learn. It will help you learn the facts properly and then understand your situation properly. But, you should learn about the basic exercise you can do on a trampoline.

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How Jumping on a Trampoline Affects Our Body?

Generally, jumping on a trampoline is well-known as the best low cellular exercise. It’s because your body will have a vast effect on each of your body cells. Your body cells will have two types of energy to move around when you will continuously jump on the trampoline. And they are Potential and Kinetic energy.

Because of the effect of bouncing with the spring, Potential energy is created. And kinetic energy is created when you will move in the air and then fall down from the previous spot in the air. However, you will have the maximum kinetic energy or the zero kinetic when you will be at the maximum height.

When jumping you will be in the middle of the complete heigh every time you jump on and then you jump down. At this time, you will again have zero Kinetic energy. But when you are right on the mat, you will develop the maximum potential energy.

So, the development of these two different energies continuously in a spinning way, your body cells will have to lose general energy by burning calories. And that’s how your body will lose more calories when you’ll jump on a mini trampoline continuously.

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Burning calories using a Trampoline

Basically, the amount of calories burned on a trampoline depends on the intensity and how you are trampolining to exercise. Also, the calories burned on a trampoline depend on your weight, intensity of the workout, and other factors. And I have already told you about these issues.

When you are aiming for a moderate intensity to burn your calories in 10 minutes, you will notice that your breathing has been fast. And you’re almost light sweating in your last time. At this time, you may carry on any conversation but It’s really hard to stick to the tune.

Additionally, in vigorous-intensity, you may not speak more than two or three words because breathing gets faster and you sweat a lot. You can compare this with a moderate-intensity activity like a rapid walk or jogging 5-6 miles per hour.

And here lies the difference between burning 50-73 or 100-148 calories in a ten minutes time limit. Although burning calories totally depends on your weight because it needs the effort to move your body. So, the more you weigh the more you succeed in burning calories.

Furthermore, It’s been examined on some of the participants who do the same rebounding exercise in a monitored session. Of course, the participants were heart rate monitors so that it becomes easy to collect data and determine the result of per-minute calorie burn.

Usually, women who weigh 142 pound the result is 9.4. Similarly, for men with 184 pounds, the result is 12.4. So, in average 10 minutes of trampoline exercise, a woman succeeds in losing 94 calories. On the other hand, men succeeded in burning 124 calories in the same time limit.

Calculating the Lost calories

How many calories does jumping on a trampoline burn

On the whole, burning calories on a trampoline is easy if you manage to handle yourself in the proper way. And you know about the exercises to do on a mini-trampoline. And, it’s time to learn to calculate the lost calories.

First, you have to learn exactly how many calories you need to get rid of. And then you have to calculate around how many calories does jumping on a trampoline burn in just 10 minutes. However, It’s possible to burn at least 50-150 calories but the question lies if It’s enough for your satisfaction.

Of course, to reach your goal, you need to do a lot better to have a meaningful impact on your health. Besides, a minimum amount of cardiovascular exercise is important for an adult and It’s easy to do on a trampoline as well.

It’s true that if you jump for 10 minutes daily it’s not enough to reach your goal. At a moderate intensity, you need to do necessarily 75-150 minutes in each week. So, you have to do a 30 minutes rebound workout daily for minimum improvement.

And if you are able to do a vigorous trampoline workout at this rate, you will be able to burn 750-1125 calories in a whole week. More importantly, you can achieve a more effective result if you can maintain a calorie-controlled diet for weight loss missions.

More specifically, jumping on a trampoline burns nearly 0.0278 calories per pound of body weight in every minute. Or, you can say, it burns 0.0613 calories per kg at the recreational level. In comparison, if you do this competitively, you will succeed to burn 0.0357 calories in every pound or 0.0788 calories in every kg per minute.

Thus, you can lose a significant amount of calories burned by jumping on a trampoline. Notably, It’s 11 times faster than running and 5 times faster than swimming.

Ways to Burn a Thousand Calories Using a Trampoline for an Hour 

trampoline sign

You have already learned how to calculate the number of calories burned on a trampoline. Now, it’s time to know if you can burn a lot of calories with this useful exercise equipment.

Happy to inform you that yes, you can. You can simply let thousands of calories burn to jump on a trampoline. There are tons of yoga and fitness centers where the trainers take special classes with a trampoline. And they take classes for an hour with intense and continuous trampoline exercises. And it can even lose thousands of calories in just an hour.

But I would like to warn you that you shouldn’t go for this intense trampoline exercise if you haven’t practiced it before. It can be risky for you. Besides, you should have learned about how long you should use a trampoline for exercise. It’s also essential to learn as well. Also, skip this intense exercise if you have health issues like heart disease or pregnancy.

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Final Thought

No offense but a trampoline can replace any exercise equipment in a gym and you will definitely get a jaw-dropping result with it. There are lots of benefits of using a mini trampoline.  And you have learned many things about the calories burned on a trampoline. Now, we can assume that you can calculate the time schedule to use your trampoline and will boost your exercise session with these fun and effortless ways to exercise.

We appreciate your interest in the trampoline as a piece of equipment to exercise. You can simply leave your questions right below in the comment section if you have any. Thank you for your time.

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