11 Best Exercises to do on a Mini Trampoline to keep your body fit.

One of my cousins got a suggestion to do the home exercise using a mini trampoline by a fitness expert and she bought one as well. But she was confused about the exercises to do on a mini-trampoline. Then I joined her and visited a few fitness experts and Yoga masters. And I was literally shocked to learn about 

How many effective exercises we can do on a mini trampoline.

Also today I’ll share with you some other exercises that you can do without using a mini trampoline as well. I added them because they are very helpful for our core.

A mini trampoline is made especially for exercising. For weight loss exercise to abs workout, you can do varieties of exercises using this handy and compact trampoline. It’s even fun and less painful to use. Some people even think that they don’t really know how fast they are physically developing using this gear.

Unlike the average type of trampolines, a mini trampoline is more durable and comes with a higher weight capacity. So, people can jump on it in different ways to put pressure on different points of their body.

However, a mini trampoline is widely used in different yoga centers and gyms. Women are also suggested to use a mini trampoline while pregnant. It is safe and good for your health. You can simply use it for at least 10 to 25 minutes a day and you will get a smart figure with this fun and effective exercise gear.

So, if you are having a busy life and don’t have enough time to go to a gym or yoga center, you can go for a mini trampoline. And the below information will help you learn about the best exercises to do on a mini trampoline.

Let’s Explore the Best Exercises to do on a Mini Trampoline

Basically, you can do a lot of exercise on a mini trampoline. Some Yoga experts and gymnastics also make their own form of exercise using a mini trampoline. And all of these are quite helpful for both losing weight and overall body exercise.

However, if we keep aside the personal and unnamed trampoline exercises and just focus on the popular and effective ones, we will get 11 different types. Most of you may not get the direction of doing an exercise just by its name. So, read the details carefully and I have added the way to do the exercises and the advantages of doing that regularly.

1. Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks is another great cardio exercise and you can do this on a mini trampoline for the quick improvement of your health. This rebounder workout ensures that your feet and joints absorb much less impact compared to the solid ground.

You have to start with some steady bounce on the trampoline. In other words, start with your feet under your hips and alternate your legs together and apart in each bounce.

when your legs are apart, don’t forget to extend your arms out and above at a circular pace. and while bringing your legs together pull your arms close. Most importantly, try to make your head up at the same height the entire time.

Benefits of Jumping Jacks

  • Jumping jacks are one of the best when it comes to warm-up exercise.
  • It works on your whole body at the same time.
  • You can even fasten or lower your pace for a perfect cardio workout.
  • It will help to improve your endurance, balance, and whole motor skills.

2. Trampoline lunges

Trampoline lunges

Trampoline Lunge helps to activate your different body muscles, especially it strengthens your lower body part. Most importantly, it develops leg and glute muscles. As it stabilizes the muscles, the more you will engage with Trampoline lunges the greater you can deal with the imbalance.

Bring your one foot on the surface of the trampoline and make sure that your knee is in the same line as your foot. And place the other foot on the ground. Then step up with your foot that is on the ground and try to lift your knee close to the chest.

After that, take your foot on the ground. Now step back with the foot that was on the trampoline and take it behind the other foot and drop your knee. In the same way, bring your foot on the trampoline and keep repeating.

Benefits of Trampoline lunges

  • Trampoline Lunges are ideal for leg focused workout and it targets your leg muscles and glutes.
  • As you will be doing this on your mini trampoline so remember that it is much more effective than doing it on a solid surface. Here, you have to remember that it is great for cardio exercise.

Here, I have a warning as well. Make sure you don’t jump from the trampoline directly to the floor, rather try to bounce on a stable stance and gently keep your step back on the surface.

3. Ab rocks

Ab rocks

When it comes to Ab workout you may think of hundreds of sit-ups and a lot more. But Jumping on a mini trampoline can also help you to develop your midsection. And if you are tired of jumping then try out different moves like twist, knees up, truck it in and it will strengthen your muscles.

You have to sit on the edge of your mini trampoline and put your feet on the ground. Then lie down normally and keep your hands on your head.

Now, you have to bring your knees close to the chest and push your stomach and lower back on the trampoline. Make sure that your knees are at a 90-degree angle.

Benefits of Ab rocks

  • Ab rocks on a trampoline are not just easy but fun.
  • Surely this Cardio exercise helps to increase your heartbeat and it gives your core and abdominal muscles a targeted workout.
  • To have a better result and to improve your midsection try to continue exercising regularly.

4. Jogging


Jogging on a mini trampoline is often used for recreation but it is the fastest way to burn calories at home. Moreover, it is way more effective than jumping rope or normal jumping.

At first, straighten your back and stand feet hip-width apart. Now, lift your both legs ahead of you and interchange to jog on the spot. And when you raise your left leg, don’t forget to swing your right arm. Similarly, while raising the right leg, swing the left arm.

Benefits of Jogging on a mini Trampoline

  • Jogging on a mini trampoline is the best way to do Cardio exercise.
  • For extra benefit, make sure to swing your arms, tighten your core and straighten your back.
  • It improves your Lymphatic system that helps to fight bacterial and viral infections.
  • Also, it will transport hazardous products out of your body.
  • Jogging on a trampoline burns calories, fats, and tons of muscle 50 percent faster than running.

5. Speed Bounce on a mini Trampoline

Speed Bounce on a mini Trampoline

To increase the strength of your workout, you can surely try some speed bounce in the mini trampoline. Whereas seated bounce or jogging is for the beginners but if you are skilled enough then speed bounce would be easy for you. Moreover, Trampoline speed bounce exercise is good for knee stability and hip mobility.

It will be better if you start with the usual steady bounce. Now bend your hips like you are leaning inwards slightly.

Next, you have to begin to bounce and soon you’ll notice that the number of bounces has become lower but the motion is faster. However, if you want to work on your upper body parts then don’t forget to swing your arms.

Benefits of Speed Bounce

  • Generally, Speed bounce is a great help for cardio exercise.
  • Another important thing is you should not forget to engage your core and arms.
  • In general, it does not only good on the knee, hip, or feet but you can easily do full-body exercise doing this kind of workout.

6. Twists on a mini Trampoline

The twist is a very familiar exercise that can be done on the mini trampoline. It works to develop coordination and works effectively on the core, upper body, and back. Although It’s not easy in the first place, twisting directions, correct arm movement, and other body mechanics can help you to learn twisting skills.

First, stand tall on the center of the trampoline. And begin with a steady bounce like another trampoline exercise. Now try to twist your legs on one side and rotate your body to another side.

Also, you should remember to keep your core tight and hip straight and come back to the starting point. After that, jump again in the opposition direction.

Benefits of Twists on a mini Trampoline

  • The twist is one of the best exercises as it works on the full body.
  • Bouncing on the trampoline outs minimum pressure on the joints and bones and ultimately it helps to grow stronger.
  • Additionally, it prevents urinary incontinence and helps to stabilize hip joints.

7. Seated Bounce on a Trampoline

Seated Bounce is considered one of the best cardio exercises and it targets various muscles in our body. Very often abdominal exercise puts a strain on our back and neck. But it can be done with a strong seated bounce in a mini-trampoline without any negative impacts and there won’t be any on the lower back.

First, sit at the center of the trampoline and keep your hips on the mat. Don’t forget to bend the knees and feet flat on the floor. Then use your thighs and push yourself up and begin strong controlled bounces.

Benefits of Seated Bounce on a trampoline

  • Seated bounces are great for warm-up routines.
  • For people who are new to cardio exercises, it will be very fruitful.
  • Seated bounces benefit the upper body, core, thigh, and entire body.
  • For more intense exercise, try to target your core muscles and raise one leg or both feet of the surface. Here, you have to make sure to change sides after a few bounces.

8. Tuck jump On a mini Trampoline

Tuck Jump is one of the best energetic exercises and it helps the heart pumping better than any other workouts. And you should continue Tuck Jump on your mini trampoline as it strengthens your core and muscles in the legs.

It’s not an easy thing to do but if you are willing to do rebounder exercise then add Tuck Jump to your daily workout routine. Additionally, you can use a Support handle if you find it hard as a beginner.

To do this exercise, you have to begin with a steady bounce just to warm up your body and keep your chin up, back straight and core tight. Then bring your knees towards your chin and keep doing that on every bounce. While landing, try to do it a little gently.

Benefits of Tuck jump on a Mini Trampoline

  • Tuck Jumps work great in your core and abdominal muscles.
  • It is especially effective for those who are engaged with Athletics.
  • It’s a kind of plyometric movement and improves muscle performance, muscle contraction which is effective for sports like Basketball, Soccer, etc.
  • Also, it develops the power production on your lower body part and improves muscle stabilization.
  • Tuck Jumps are excellent workouts for powerlifters, Olympic weightlifters, and athletes.

9. High Knee Punches

High Knee Punches are quite a familiar exercise in the field of boxing and boxercise. It is a high-intensity interval training that works as a fat cutter and by doing this on a mini trampoline, you will get a quicker result than before.

Beginning with jogging is the common yet effective way to start any cardio exercise. Then start to bring your knees closer to your chest as high as you can. After that, close your fist and take it higher so that it gets quite close to your chin.

Next to that, you have to start your punch with the other side of the arm to the lifted knee. And continue switching legs alternatively with a hop on the mini trampoline and that’s it.

Benefits of High Knee Punches

  • Undoubtedly, high knee exercise on the mini trampoline brings the fastest result than any regular workout.
  • The higher you will pull your knee, the greater result you will get.
  • As you will be doing this on a mini trampoline so do as fast as you can.
  • Besides, High knee punches do not only work in targeted areas rather it helps to develop a better core muscle.

10. Bouncing Push-up

It would be great if you put Bouncing Push-ups in your daily workout routine. Undoubtedly, this is ideal for your upper body exercise and works on your chest, abs, shoulders. Thus you can take the ultimate advantage of the trampoline’s surface.

Take your hand on the middle of the trampoline mat and hold it in a wide position. Now extend your legs behind you and keep your chest down.

After that, you have to use the elasticity and momentum and start bouncing with your upper body up, and while landing keep your hand closer. Similarly, repeat the bounce and return to the wider position.

Benefits of Bouncing Push-up

  • Bouncing Push-up is quite challenging yet it helps to burn your extra fat and build muscle.
  • Adding this exercise to the daily routine, many athletes can do better in building strength, endurance, and speed.
  • Working on first twitch muscle fiber helps Athletes to build strength and muscle mass.
  • Moreover, it increases your heart rate quickly and boosts your cardio fitness as well.


Plank is a very simple yet excellent abdominal exercise. This workout holds your body straight and inflexible similar to a plank of wood. It is a very popular exercise to keep your body fit and it works great for the upper body parts and ensures that your core is strong and stable.

Be ready with a push-up position, facedown with forearms, and extend your legs behind. Keep your elbows right under your shoulder and don’t forget to put your forearms on the floor.

And keep looking on the floor for a certain time and be sure that your head is relaxed. Additionally, make your shoulders down and wide and avoid putting more weight on your arms.

Benefits of Plank

  • This exercise works directly on your muscles, core, and upper body.
  • For further improvement, you have to lift your one leg and continue to alternate.
  • You can even keep your forearms up and put the weight on the palms in case you want to make it difficult.
  • As you will be doing this on the soft surface of the trampoline so it will be easier than doing it on a solid surface.

Final Words

Here, you have learned about 11 different and best exercises to do on a mini-trampoline. But these are not all you do. You can make new forms of exercise by yourself using a mini-trampoline. I have already told you that a mini trampoline is made for exercise only.

As a mini trampoline is less wide and takes minimum space, you can use it both inside and outside. And when you have one at your place, you don’t necessarily need to go to a gym. Just use it properly and regularly. I am sure you will very soon track your improvement.

So, here we leave for today. Will very soon meet with something new about the trampoline. If you have any specific confusing topic about trampoline in your mind, just share it with us. We will happily research it to get a solution for you. Thank you a million times for your time.

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