Best 6ft Trampoline Reviews and Guide

When it is about kid’s exercise at home, nothing can beat a trampoline. Even at most fitness centers, you will get a trampoline for exercising adults too. Because there are uncountable benefits of using a trampoline.

However, those who have a smaller backyard, often cannot buy a big trampoline for kids. But in the shops, you can get smaller ones like the 6ft trampolines.

Note: In this article, I have included the 3 best 7ft trampoline for you. In case if you want to take a look at those for your kids.

Generally, 6ft trampolines are recommended for kids of 3 to 8 years. Most of these trampolines are easy to set up and long-lasting. And there are buckets of benefits of using a trampoline for both the health and wellness of your kids.

So, on the next birthday of your kid, a 6ft can be the best surprised for sure.

6ft trampoline

However, to get the right decision for trampoline it’s always suggested to get some idea on this issue. Eventually, you need to select the appropriate trampoline to avoid particular issues like not having enough space or enclosure.

I have added some quick tips and tricks on this post that you should know before buying a 6ft trampoline. However, you can also check out this ultimate trampoline buying guide.

I have gathered the facts about the 6 ft trampoline and get the answer after proper research and talking with many experts. If you are planning to buy one, you are on the right track for sure.

What are the benefits of a 6ft trampoline?

Some of us truly think that trampoline is only for fun. But it’s not the case if you think deeply about its benefits. I must say that a trampoline is even more beneficial to your health rather than for entertainment.

Generally, a 6 feet trampoline is recommended for kids. So, if you want to learn the positives of using a trampoline of 6 feet in diameter, you can simply continue reading this post or directly jump over the product reviews.

Benefits of using a 6ft Trampoline

  • Trampoline is a great source of exercise and it is secure for kids. Jumping on a trampoline is even better than jumping rows according to some health experts.
  • Kids can develop extreme flexibility of all their body parts by using a trampoline regularly.
  • Trampoline also increases the athletic skills of your kids and he or she will have a psychological strength on athletic activity.
  • If you want kids to have endurance and strong stamina, you should let them use a trampoline.
  • Jumping on a trampoline improves the growth of your kids. It’s also essential to increase their length in the appropriate phase of their life.
  • A 6 feet mini trampoline for kids is easy to set up and you can place it in your backyard, big balcony, and even in your hall room.

So, a 6 feet trampoline is the best exercise equipment that you need for your kids. Even if you are an adult but not too much heavier, you can use it for sure. And about its benefits, I hope you are now well aware.

Is a 6ft trampoline suitable for adults?

is 6f trampoline suitable for adults

A 6ft trampoline pad of a trampoline can have different weight capacities. If you ask the question if adults can buy a 6ft trampoline for themselves, I must ask you to check the weight capacity first.

The weight capacity depends on the material, joints, and some construction issues. And a 6 ft trampoline can carry 50 to 70 kg on average. That’s why it is mostly recommended for kids’ use only. But an adult with no more than 65 to 70 kg can also use a 6 ft trampoline.

For adults’ use, an 8 to 12 feet trampoline or a smaller one with heavy-duty performance is always recommended. In shorts, this fact is completely dependent on your weight and how much the trampoline can hold.

But again, I recommend going for a bigger one or a heavy-duty one if you are looking for an adult trampoline.

If you are looking bigger, I have written the best 16ft trampoline in-depth review based on real user experience. This might help you to choose the best one.

Which is the Best 6ft Trampoline?

The basics you should know before buying a 6 ft trampoline for your kid are hopefully now clear to you. So, what you need to learn is all about the best 6 ft trampolines. There is an option ready in my hand and here you go with all focusing information about the best 6 ft trampoline.

1. Bluerise 6FT 72” Trampoline for Kids

Bluerise 6FT 72'' Trampoline for Kids with Enclosure Net Toddler Trampoline with Basketball Hoop Easy to Assemble Little Tikes Trampoline Personal Indoor Trampoline for Kids Small Trampoline Outdoor

Many of us prefer a trampoline with an enclosure net when it is for the use of toddlers or kids. Eventually, 6 feet is the best size for kids. Bluerise 6FT 72” Trampoline comes with a durable enclosure net and so, it can be a good choice in such preference.

To ensure satisfying durability and sustainability, this trampoline is made with an iron pipe frame. Indeed, it will provide a safe trampoline spring experience. Additionally, the enclosure net is rust-proof and made of nylon wair to prevent unwanted accidents.

The Good: This trampoline measures 6 feet diameter trampoline space and 4.5 feet inside diameter. The 5.75 long enclosure net frame is there too. It weighs around 30 kg and the weight capacity is approximately 50 kg. An extensive bucket ball hoop is here to increase your kids’ sports skills. Additionally, this trampoline is very easy to set up and it needs only 5 minutes for 4 hands.

Not So Good: Only 50 kg weight capacity cannot let 3 kids use it at the same time. The packet includes instructions though it is only written in Spanish. So, it will be difficult for you to set up the trampoline if you face any difficulty as you cannot read the instructions if you don’t know Spanish at all.

The Summary: If you compare this trampoline with an ordinary one, there are some essential facts, I need to mention. Compared with an ordinary toddler trampoline, it is half thicker and one-third stronger. It’s because of the intense elasticity of the entire trampoline including the enclosure net. Regarding the space inside the net, I must suggest this product only if you have one or two toddlers only.

The Best Part: It comes with 3 pairs of iron-made legs with 1.2 mm thickness. It is TUV professional quality inspection certified. Extra buckle device for the net protection and the net is around 63” long which ensures extra security. Because of its convenient size, you can set it up on the small backyard, large balcony, or even on your roof.

Is it for you? Instead of having a comparatively lower weight capacity, people with single toddlers mostly like this trampoline. And the reasons include its durability, easy setup, flexibility, extensive enclosure net, and especially the basketball hoop.

Best 7 ft Trampoline, In Any Case, You Are Interested About

You must be aware that a 6 ft trampoline is not an ideal choice for kids up to 8 years or even adults. So, if you are interested in buying a 7ft trampoline then you can take a look at these best 7ft trampoline for your kids.

1. Little Tikes 7′ Trampoline

Little Tikes 7' Trampoline

Little Tikes brought the best 7 ft trampoline for your kids. This extremely protective trampoline has some unique functions that can impress you in no time. But the best part of this trampoline is its Kids-friendly design that will just attract your kids for sure. Before deciding on this trampoline, you should check out some issues, mentioning them right below.

The Good: This durable trampoline comes with a multicolor appearance. The frame is indeed made of durable alloy steel that provides enough strength and bouncing security. Additionally, the trampoline mat is around 17 inches higher than the ground. And the stands are covered with orange color plastic padding that makes this trampoline beautiful.

Not so Good: Most of the users who are not likely to recommend this trampoline are complaining about its weight capacity. As a 7 ft trampoline, it carries quite a lower weight anyway. Apparently, it only holds around 105 lbs. Besides, some users also complained about the durability of the mesh enclosure’s zipper.

The Summary: The protective mesh enclosure of this trampoline is made with very durable PE netting materials. It will never let your kids get out of the trampoline pad. That’s why this one is recommended for toddlers only. Eventually, the weight capacity is also suggested for toddlers only. The zipper door is very smooth and your kids can even use it comfortably.

The Best Part: The jumping area is around 7.69 feet in diameter. Initially, it is very easy to assemble and for one kid’s use, this trampoline is very secure. The heavy-duty steel poles will keep it strong for years and the size is good for your kids from 3 to 10 years old.

Is it for you? If your kid’s age matches the requirement of this trampoline, no doubt that it will be the best trampoline for him.

2. Giantex 7 Ft Trampoline w/Safety Enclosure Net

Giantex 7 Ft Kids Trampoline w/Safety Enclosure Net, Spring Pad, Zipper, Heavy Duty Steel Frame, Mini Trampoline for Indoor/Outdoor, Supports up to 220 Pounds, Great Gifts for Kids

Giantex 7 Ft w/Safety Enclosure Net is one of the best you will find on the market if you are looking for an alternative to the 6 ft trampoline. It includes a safety enclosure with adequate height and protective sleeves made of foam. The frame size is around 7 Ft which is ideal for 2-3 kids and toddlers at the same time. It is made of a heavy-duty steel base which ensures superior durability.

The Good: The base is made of rust-resistant steel. The springs are rust-proof along with deformation proofing. You will appreciate its inclusion of protective pads for feet. The jumping mat is made of high-quality PP materials which ensure superior bounce without deteriorating the overall performance. This trampoline can hold up to 220lbs simultaneously.

Not so Good: It might seem a bit pricey if you compare it with some other brands. The L-shaped zipper on the enclosure might bother some users. The frame is made of alloy steel instead of reinforced steel but this way they come up with a relatively lightweight package.

The Summary: It is great for home use and the uncompromised safety facilities make it one of the best choices for your kids. The setup process is very easy and does not require any expert knowledge to assemble it. The outlook of this trampoline is very modern and colorful. It will surely fit your backyard or hall room whichever suits best for you.

The Best Part: One of the best things about this trampoline is its additional EPE foam protection on the bars and enclosure which ensures safety from any unexpected injury while jumping. Moreover, Its seamless design with carefully engineered enclosure net and mat keep your kids safe from potential stuck cases within the frame.
Is it for you? If you have 2 kids under 7/8 years, it is perfect for you. But if you are from a large family with lots of kids of mixed ages then choosing something with more weight capacity will be a good choice.

3. Clevr 7ft Kids Trampoline

Clevr 7ft Kids Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net & Spring Pad, Mini Indoor/Outdoor Round Bounce Jumper 84", Built-in Zipper Heavy Duty Steel Frame,Green/Blue

Let’s meet the final alternative of the 6 ft trampoline for today. Clevr 7 ft trampoline is one that we cannot avoid when it’s the best trampoline for toddlers. This trampoline also comes with an enclosure net and excellent appearance.

The Good: This heavy-duty Kids-friendly trampoline comes with a built-in zipper. Indeed it is a D shape zipper and so, your kids can enter and out of the trampoline very easily. As the mesh enclosure is made with a high-quality elastic PE net that never lets your kids fall on the ground from the trampoline mat.

Not so Good: Only 100 lbs weight capacity is the only drawback of this trampoline. You cannot buy it for two kids’ use. Some users again don’t like the hexagonal design anyway.

The Summary: You will get this Trampoline with a light blue color frame, mesh, and a black mat. It is packed with all sorts of safety measures along with rust and deformation-proof materials. We will highly suggest it for your toddler but if you are buying for a recreational center setup then you should buy something bigger.

The Best Part: To get ample space on the trampoline, it can be the best pick. And it is highly suggested for your kids of 3 to 10 years. So, your kids can use it for years if you manage to keep it nice. The frame of this trampoline is covered with EPE foam that never hurts your kids anyway.

Is it for you? This trampoline has positive reviews on durability and flexibility. But you have to check the weight capacity of this trampoline and then go for it after considering your kid’s weight.

How big is a 6ft trampoline

trampoline for kids

You can think about what’s the point to specify the size of a 6 ft trampoline. It’s important. The inner pad size and the other things can have variations in measurements indeed.

However, when it is a 6 ft trampoline, the complete product must be 183 cm or 1.83 meters in diameter. And the 6 ft trampoline mat size will be around 140 cm or 1.4 meters. And this mat size is perfect for kids of 3 to 8 years in general.

So, before buying a 6 ft outdoor trampoline, you have to ensure that your backyard or the place you are going to place it, is high enough for the trampoline.

6ft trampoline with enclosure

Bluerise 6FT 72'' Trampoline for Kids with Enclosure Net Toddler Trampoline with Basketball Hoop Easy to Assemble Little Tikes Trampoline Personal Indoor Trampoline for Kids Small Trampoline Outdoor

There are many trampolines on the market that come with an enclosure. If you are a newbie, you must be thinking about what this enclosure is, right? Well, an enclosure is like a protection cover around the trampoline. And so, it’s mostly used for the kid’s trampoline.

Generally, for a trampoline with an enclosure, a few iron-made pipes are used all around the trampoline pad as a frame. Then a nylon-made mesh fabric or net is used to cover up the frame. There will be no hollow space between the trampoline pad and the mesh protection.

This extra mesh wall will prevent your kids from falling from the trampoline border. So, for kids’ trampoline, it is a very essential part especially if you are concerned about the protection. As there are a few extra parts, a trampoline with enclosure costs a little more than the ordinary one.

How much has a 6ft trampoline cost?

money image

Specifically, say, the price of a 6 ft trampoline varies according to its brand, material, structure, functions, and especially weight capacity. So, I cannot mention the exact price certainly.

A 6 ft trampoline can be for heavy-duty performance or kids’ use. If it’s a kid-friendly one, you can probably get one from 100 to 200 USD. If it comes with an enclosure, the price can be extended to the utmost 250 USD. If you don’t have an enclosure for your 6 ft trampoline, you can certainly buy a single mesh cover that can cost around 30 to 60 USD.

Generally, for adult use, a 6 ft trampoline is not always recommended. But when it is a heavy-duty one, then it’s okay. In that case, it is for sure that you have to pay more. Probably, you can get it from 300 to 500 USD. Most of the heavy-duty trampolines don’t have an enclosure and if it has, then you may have to pay a few bucks more.

What is the weight limit of a 6ft trampoline?

The weight capacity of a trampoline is depending on its material, size, weight, and some construction issues. So, a 6 ft trampoline can have different weight capacities regarding the brands and functions.

Generally, the trampoline with around 6 feet diameter can have 50 to 60 kilograms of weight capacity. Mostly, it is about 50 kilograms on average. So, a 6 ft trampoline is a good recommendation for kids to use. Around 2 kids can jump on it together. Even skinny adults can also use it.

There are also some heavy-duty trampolines made for fitness issues. Sometimes these trampolines are even smaller than 6 ft. This type of trampoline can hold more weights than usual. Some of them even cover more than 300 lbs.

How many children should use a 6ft trampoline at once?

trampoline family
A Big Trampoline with Family and Kids. Photo taken by Richard

When it is a 6 ft trampoline, it means the inner pad of the trampoline is 6 feet in diameter. Now, the question is how many kids can use it together, right? Well. it’s completely depending on the weight capacity of the trampoline.

In general, a kid’s trampoline that is 6 ft in diameter can hold from 100 to 120 lbs. In that case, you have to count the weight of your kids. 1 or 2 healthy kids or 2 to 4 skinny kids can use the trampoline in that sense.

It is always suggested not to cross the weight limit, especially for a trampoline. It can cause unwanted accidents by breaking the trampoline into pieces.

How do I know if I have enough space?

Lastly, you will need to know if a 6 ft trampoline is big enough for your house or where you want to place it. Here, are a few questions that you can ask yourself before buying one.

  • How many kids are going to use it?
  • What is the age of your kid who is going to use it?
  • Where are you going to place it?
  • Can you kids enter and exit through the enclosure door comfortably?

From the above sections, I hope you have already gathered essential ideas about the question I mention that are concerning the fact of the size of your trampoline. A 6 ft trampoline is good for kids from 3 to 8 years. Besides, you should consider the weight of your kids before fixing a trampoline to buy. Hopefully, you will get to know if the size is all right for your kid.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you have got all the basics about the best 6 ft trampoline and also learn what to check to get the right one. Additionally, a few options on the best 7 ft trampolines will come as a help if you think you should get a bigger one so that you can use it when your kids will even get bigger.

Still if you have any confusion left about the issue, just leave the question right on the comment box. Besides, stay with us to learn all updates and basic information about trampoline. Thank you again for your time.

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