15 Health Benefits of Jumping on a Trampoline.

Jumping on a trampoline for 30 minutes a day can provide numerous health benefits. In addition to improving your cardiovascular health, jumping causes the release of endorphins which make you feel better and can decrease pain sensation. There are a lot of benefits of jumping on the trampoline and It’s also a great way to exercise without engaging in strenuous workouts because bouncing up and down does not require as much effort as running or lifting weights.

The best part? You don’t need a gym membership!

Mini trampolines are very easy to use, and they offer numerous health benefits. In this article, I’ll share with you the top 15 health benefits of jumping on a trampoline.

Rebounding every day for at least 30 minutes improves your cardio, lymphatic system, detoxification, along with other healthy stimulation.

You will also experience an improved balance, tightening skins, and significant weight loss. 

benefits of jumping on a trampoline

Mini trampolines are cheaper than giant trampolines. And you don’t need a lot of space for it. It is a blessing for city folks who live in an apartment with no personal garden or backyard.

Tips: Try out these specially made mini trampolines for maximum health benefits. Start by merely jumping up and down for 5-10 minutes. Slowly increase your time until you hit the 30 minutes mark. 

Also, you can check out this in-depth best mini trampoline review based on a user experience.

15 Health Benefits of Jumping on a Trampoline

health benifits

Rebounding on a mini-trampoline is a fun way to exercise. No indoor exercise can reap so many health benefits like jumping on a mini-trampoline. 

After researching about rebounding benefits and reading some in-depth content from certified doctors, I became convinced and bought the best mini trampoline the next day. 

After nearly a year of rebounding, I felt my health got better. There are a number of mini trampoline benefits. That’s why I want you all to join me, and bounce to the peak of physical well-being. 

You may also need to know, “Is jumping on a trampoline bad for your back?” well, I have written an in-depth article for you, which will help you to understand how trampolines work for your back and the benefits!

1. Better endurance

Better endurance

When I first heard that rebounding is 68% more effective than jogging, I was shocked. Then I looked up the facts. Even NASA recommends their astronauts to rebound after a space mission in the journal of Applied Physiology

A study conducted by the American Council and Exercise (ACE) indicates that rebounding on a mini trampoline for 20 minutes burns more calories than running 10 km/h within that time.

2. Increases blood circulation

 Increases blood circulation

Most of us have a sewing job. Over time, our blood circulation gets poor. As a result, we begin to face many symptoms without knowing that the cause is decreased blood circulation. 

A decreased blood flow means your body is being deprived of proper oxygen supply. Rebounding is an excellent form of aerobic exercise. It makes your heart pump more blood all over the body that increases immunity. 

3. Improves and your cardiovascular health

cardiovascular health

Our sedentary lives cause a silent development of a condition that delivers a fatal blow to our health. It’s called varicose veins. Prolonged searing while bending your legs will cause blood to pool in the vein on the back of your knee and thigh. 

Left untreated, the condition worsens over time, and you start to develop more complicated health conditions like Deep Vein Thrombosis and pulmonary Embolism. 

If you jump on a mini-trampoline at least 20 minutes a day, you can combat these fatal conditions and live a healthy life. Also, eat healthily and don’t seat longer hours with your legs crossed. 

4. Can I lose weight by jumping on a trampoline? 

Weight Lose

Imagine there’s a global pandemic, and it’s not safe to go outside for jogging or to walk. But you need to lose weight and stay active. That’s why rebounding is the most effective weight loss exercise you can do indoors. 

You can lose more weight on a trampoline because you’ll be liable to maintain the intensity for longer. 

Just stay active on a trampoline for 30 minutes. Enough to shed a few pounds in a week. Unlike running, rebounding is less stressful on your knees. 

Even patients with chronic degenerative bone diseases benefit from rebounding on a trampoline. The fact that you can bounce from the comfort of your living room makes it even more exciting. 

To know more how trampolines are helpful to lose weight then follow this awesome training with the mini trampoline exercises for weight loss.

5. Better eyesight

Better eyesight

Surprised? When you put some pressure on your body with some G-force, your optic nerves get stimulated. Many young people today are being diagnosed with myopia and nearsightedness. 

When you rebound everyday, your optic lens stays in shape. So rebounding helps your eye lense stimulation and promotes better eyesight even when you are old.

 6. Does rebounding improve mental health? 

 rebounding improve mental health

Yes, it does. But there’s no magic involved. Your brain receives enough blood flow that elevates the oxygen level. That’s why you feel very positive and confident even at the face of any kind of trouble. 

Our brain identifies rebounding as a cross patterning activity. When you move in the same pattern on both parts of the body, the two hemispheres of the brain establish better communication. It elevates our mental stability and improves our learning and reasoning abilities, especially in children. 

7. Rebounding strengthens immunity and fights infections

body balance

Boosting immunity can prevent us from developing chronic and complex diseases. Putting a little G-force pressure on your body is one of many ways to improve your immunity. It stimulates our lymphatic system to release proteins and chemicals to fight off infections. 

If you rebound for ten minutes, the elevation in white cells stays active for nearly an hour. These white blood cells then carried out by our lymphatic system and spread all around our body to get rid off any unwanted germs and particles. 

One of the core benefits of lymphatic system stimulation and white blood cell alleviation is fighting and killing off cancer cells. So if you rebound at least 10 minutes a day, you are helping your body to resist the most life-threatening health condition of our generation. 

8. Rebounding enhances our detoxifying process

Rebounding enhances our detoxifying process

Again there is a connection here between the activated lymphatic system and rebounding exercises. We picked up a lot of toxins and free radicals from exposure to food, water, air, and other environmental elements over time. 

Rebounding on a mini-trampoline activates our lymphatic detoxifying system and drain out these unwanted guests off our body. One of the main reason for cancer cell growth is increased toxicity in our body. All the more reasons for us to put on the best series on the TV and start rebounding to safety. 

9. Rebounding on a mini-trampoline improves our lymphatic circulation

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For blood circulation, we have a heart. But we don’t have anything to pump out white blood cells and other detoxifying cleansing systems to carry out of our lymphatic system. 

So we have to move our body to make the lymphatic circulatory system work. 

Our lymph nodes release helpful fluids that circulate vertically. Regular rebounding exercise like jumping on a mini-trampoline puts our body to vertical motion. So rebounding stimulates our lymphatic system more efficiently than doing horizontal activities like jogging and running. 

10. Rebounding increases Bone density and protects from degenerative bone diseases

Rebounding increases Bone density and protects from degenerative bone diseases

Regular jumping on a trampoline has shown bone density increases in adults and older people. Our body is a remarkable specimen. It adapts and become stronger under pressure. 

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to many degenerative bone diseases. That’s why astronauts have seen a 15% bone and muscle mess reduction within 14 days from the effects of zero gravity in space. 

NASA recommends rebounding exercises to their returned astronauts to reverse the effects of osteoporosis. Jumping on a mini trampoline can change this effect because the reason for developing osteoporosis in those astronauts was zero gravity. 

Rebounding on a mini-trampoline puts our body under a little G-force stress which strengthens our muscles, bones, and joints like knees, hips, ankles, and backbone. 

11. Rebounding causes an increased lung capacity and oxygen intake on a cellular level


Ever wondered why you feel so tired all the time? It’s because the cell in your body isn’t absorbing as many oxygens as it should be. Research conducted by NASA showed rebounding on a trampoline elevates cellular oxygenation

Once those cells in your body get enough oxygen, they start to get rid off harmful cells and rogue particles. Research showed that those who exercise every day have less chance to develop a compromised immune system. So exercising, in general, can prevent seasonal flues and viral infections. 

You’ll also feel more endurance in your cardio because the increased oxygen intake helps your lung to recharge and reduces any symptoms from chronic lung diseases. 

12. Rebounding stimulates metabolism and digestions

Rebounding stimulates metabolism and digestions

Regular exercise is the key to prevent chronic bloating and other digestive issues. It also stimulates the metabolism that helps us burn more energy and keep our appetite intact. 

Start rebounding immediately if your belly feels like a balloon. Another symptom of bloating is decreased hunger with a potbelly. You don’t want to live like that, trust me. 

Rebounding is an excellent exercise to eliminate these symptoms. You might not know this, but high-impact activities like running, biking, hiking could make you breathless. And breathlessness could lead to a slow metabolism

That’s why to reap the most health benefits from rebounding on a mini-trampoline than risking health issues from other strenuous activities. 

13. Keeps your blood sugar stable and increase shaman

Insulin resistance is the leading cause of type 2 diabetes. Our body achieves this stage by staying inactive for months, years. Regular rebounding on a mini trampoline can decrease insulin resistance. So your body can break down carbohydrates properly and keep blood sugar on a leash. 

A production increase in neurotransmitter energises our body and increase stamina. You can use rebounding exercise to stimulate those neurotransmitters and stay energetic all day long. 

14. Rebounding and sexual health

Statistics show the increasing number of erectile dysfunction in men is on the rise. You can use the rebounding exercise to reduce the risk of developing this symptom. Even if you have erectile dysfunction, rebounding on a mini trampoline will help you recover over time. 

More good news for healthy men. You can increase your libido by rebounding every day. It will also build a firmer penis and pelvic muscle that will help you last longer in bed. 

15. Rebounding effects of balance and coordination

balance and coordination

When you rebound, the ocular nerves and the fluid in your inner canal get stimulated. As a result, your balance improves significantly. A study showed that rebounding helped the elderly to increase their balance to prevent a fall. Older persons need to develop excellent balance because a fall could be fatal at this age. 

Rebounding on a trampoline will also help you recover from spine, joints and neck muscles misalignment. 

Here you can see 7 days of Health Benefits of using a mini trampoline workout plan with a diet for weight loss. Also, you will be able to see trampoline weight loss before and after.

What is rebounding?

There are many rebounding exercises. But none is more fitting than jumping on a mini-trampoline. You can do different types of aerobic exercise apart from only jumping up and down. 

Rebounding is a complete body exercise. You will benefit your muscles, joints, lymphatic system, and other chemical stimulation that promotes good health. 

I like the fact it’s not hard on your body. You won’t be out of breath to reap the same benefits on mini-trampoline workouts as running or cycling for the same time. 

Let’s work on your cardio on a mini-trampoline by not becoming breathless. 

Is trampoline good for you? 

Yes, jumping on a trampoline has many health benefits. From weight loss to detoxification, from building muscles to tightening skins, there are numerous benefits you’ll get from jumping on a trampoline. 

Recently health care providers have identified trampoline rebounding is a complete body workout solution for the healthy and diseased person. There are nearly zero side effects caused by rebounding. 

There are very few exercises that can stimulate every part of your body, as rebounding does. 

Bounce away

We presented facts back by medical sciences that indicate the health benefits of using a mini-trampoline. Rebounding is the best low-impact exercise that puts a highly positive impact on your health. 

The bottom line, rebounding on a trampoline is a complete anaerobic exercise. It’ll fortify your bone and muscle mass and increase cardiovascular and other activities on a cellular level. And you can get all these health benefits from the comfort of your home.

What are you waiting for? Grab your best mini trampoline today and start rebounding.

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