How to Put a Net on a Trampoline? – 9 Easy Steps

No matter how fun jumping on a trampoline is, it always bears the possibility to cause an accident. It’s true and a bit dangerous until you put a net on a trampoline. 

Well, I have some real experiences of witnessing kids falling out of trampolines and getting wounded. I don’t want it to happen anymore with anyone, especially, not with any of my regular visitors.

So, I am here to explain the topic – how to put a net on a trampoline?

Most of us think it’s a complicated task. Again, some install it in the wrong way and fall at the wrong moment. But actually, it’s really simple if you know the proper way. Plus, it won’t cost lots of your precious time if you follow my way of installation.

Don’t get bored, I am not going to prolong the intro. But before going to the main point I’ll shortly explain what exactly the safety nets are

What is an Enclosure Safety Net?

Upper Bounce Trampoline Safety Enclosure Net, Fits 15 FT Round Frame, Using 6 Poles (or 3 Arches) - Adjustable Straps

An enclosure safety net is a mandatory trampoline tool. It is a net around the trampoline to reduce the chance of falling jumpers outside the trampoline while they are jumping.

The different surveys stated that there are 100,000 accidents that occur by falling from the trampoline while jumping. Maximum time these injuries are fatal for little children.

It is always recommended that only one person should jump on the trampoline at one time. If the size of the trampoline is bigger than a maximum of 2 people can jump at once.

But sometimes for fun, multiple kids jump on a trampoline and it becomes dangerous. The enclosure helps the kids to tackle their balance and they can jump up by grabbing the net. 

In addition, a safety enclosure net also prevents the jumpers from hitting on the metal frame directly. The net is made of quality synthetic material, that assures sturdiness and durability. The padded metal tubes of the net help it to stretch the net widely without crinkles. 

How to Put a Safety Net on a Trampoline?

How to Put a Net on a Trampoline

The functions of trampolines differ from model to model and size to size. So, the process of putting a net can be different for  6 ft trampoline, 8ft trampoline, or mini-trampoline.

However, I will explain a generic instruction and that may be slightly different from your trampoline function. If you can properly follow the processes you will be able to set up the net no matter what type of trampoline you will deal with.

Here we go –

Everything you need

Here is a list of tools that will come into use while putting the net.

  • Enclosure net
  • Rope
  • Lower poles
  • Upper poles
  • PVC sleeve
  • Pole caps
  • Rubber Mallet (I generally use YIYITOOLS Rubber Mallet Set)
  • Phillip screwdriver
  • Spring pulling device
trampoline size chart

Step 1: Gather everything

First of all, you have to make sure that you have everything you need while installing the net. Well, it includes poles, netting, hangers, connectors, and others. Gather all the supplies and head over to the trampoline.

Step 2: Ensure a free space

It’s the demonstrating part. I suggest setting up the trampoline on free space and when you will put the net make sure there are no surroundings like fence, tree, roof eaves, or other similar stuff.

Step 3. Install the poles

The next step is very simple. Gather the poles, assemble them and attach them to the trampoline. Stay attentive, set the right pieces together. 

Step 4. Cover the springs and poles

Netting will keep your kid secure from falling but what if they fall on the spring. Still, it’s dangerous. So, I suggest attaching some foam protection around the poles and use soft covers to conceal the springs.

Step 5. Placing the net

Now came to the netting part. Take out the next unfold it and spread it over the surface of your trampoline. Figure out the bottom part of the net and tie them to the proper places on the poles. Now place the sleeves over the poles. Make sure to complete placing at a time. So, don’t mess up.

Step 6. Fix the bungee cord

Anything left in the toolbox? A bungee cord, right? Bungee cords protect the kids and adults from rolling underneath the netting. 

At this step weave the bungee cord around the bottom of the net and then connect it with the trampoline frame. 

Step 7: Secure the net

The net is already installed but not yet secured. To keep it firm and flexible, just tie the net to the top. 

Step 8: Re-checking

Not it’s time to inspect the knots, connections, and pole points to make sure both the net and poles are secure.

Step 9: Testing

Netting is complete but testing isn’t. Test the net out and ensure that the net won’t fall down at an unexpected moment.

Congratulations! You have successfully put a safety net on your trampoline. 

some frequently ask questinos

Tips and Warnings

Hopefully, you have got a better idea but for making it simpler I am including some tips. 

  • The first thing to consider is the net size must match the frame size.
  • Check out whether the height of the net is matching the poles’ height perfectly or not.
  • Don’t walk over the trampoline after unfolding it.
  • Make sure there are no sharp objects situated nearby the trampoline. It can tear up the net.

Trampoline Net Replacement

Upper Bounce Trampoline Safety Enclosure Net, Fits 15 FT Round Frame, Using 6 Poles (or 3 Arches) - Adjustable Straps

You may need to replace the provided safety net with your trampoline kit after some time passes. The reason can be several and more importantly, trampoline net replacement is not tough. As you already know how to set up a trampoline net it will be easier for you. 

Another ray of hope is that the poles are already set so you just need to buy a new safety net. But if the poles are also not good for using anymore you have to buy new ones. To buy a safety net you may not need to follow any brand but in the case of poles, you need to follow specific brands. 

However, apart from buying the materials, there are other necessary things to keep in mind for trampoline net replacement. So, continue reading the next segments for getting a clear view of this topic.

The Proper Way of Measuring Trampoline For Replacement Net? 

The Proper Way of Measuring Trampoline For Replacement Net?
The Proper Way of Measuring Trampoline For Replacement Net

To replace the net first you need to measure the frame of the trampoline. For getting appropriate measurements, identify the type of poles. Poles or the enclosure system can be straight, curved, or arched. After identifying the type, take a measuring tape to start taking the measurement.

Place the measuring tape from one puter edge to the other. Distance between all the edges may vary according to the pole type. To prevent this problem compare the trampoline frame with a large clock and imagine if you are measuring the diameter between 6 and 12. Then take another measurement of diameter between 3 and 9. 

Calculate the average of these two measurements and the result is your desired net size. Never measure the mat for replacing the net because the size of the mat can change with time. So, always be cautious about taking the appropriate measurement of the frame to avoid any problem with replacing safety nets. 

How To Secure Netting On A Trampoline? 

Round Trampoline Enclosure Net Fence Replacement Safety Mesh Netting Fits All Brands 14ft 4 Arch 8 Pole

With the right measurement, you can buy the appropriate safety net for a replacement. Then you need to set up the net in the same manner you did before while setting the trampoline. But the most important thing is securing the net properly. 

After attaching the net on the frame with cords, on the bottom of the net, sew these cords in and out. For strong security, again weave the cords in and out on the mat of the trampoline. 

How To Thread Trampoline Net? 

Well, I have talked about replacing the net with a new one when it gets defective. But for one or more small holes on the net, you can fix them by yourself. You have to use a strong upholstery thread and a special upholstery needle for stitching the holes.

Make a big knot in your thread and then weave anterior and posterior for every half inch. Following this way, you can fill the hole and fix your net. Remember one thing, this can be a temporary solution when you can’t get a replacement net. For the permanent solution, replace your torn net with a new one. 

How to Take Down a Trampoline Net?

You have already learned how to put a net on a trampoline but learning how to take apart a net is also necessary. It’s simpler than putting a net. So, without being worried let’s get it.

For directly attached poles

When the poles are attached to the frame directly then you can pop them up by laying the poles toward the center of your trampoline. Make sure to avoid tangling.

When the net is attached to the bottom

If the net is also attached to the bottom then you have to remove them too. Just undo the safety pins from the top of the poles and remove the net. Stay cautious not to lose the safety pins

Tip: I have a little suggestion. Use a particular bag or storage container to put everything together. Otherwise, you may face trouble if you lose any of the components.

Why Should you Use Safety Nets?

trampoline for kids

The maximum trampoline kit contains a safety net that you can install while setting up the trampoline. There are some reasons behind using safety nets which you can name as benefits of using safety nets. Now, let’s know what benefits you can get after installing safety nets.

  • The main benefit of using safety nets is that they can prevent anyone from falling.
  • Even when you lose control, safety nets will protect you from hurting yourself. 
  • Thus, safety nets reduce the number of accidents. 
  • The convenient zipper entry makes usage easier and people of all ages remain safe.

How Much does Trampoline Net Cost?

How much money it will cost to buy a trampoline

Gladly informing you that you can get a trampoline net at an affordable price (Under $100). But make sure that you are choosing one from a renowned brand. Otherwise, you may end up purchasing a wicked product. 

Now come to the main point. A trampoline net can be found in different price ranges – between $40-$150. The price varies by brand, size, and quality.

A quality safety net is made of high-quality materials such as polyurethane. Moreover, their overall connection will be rigid. If you are overwhelmed about the best trampoline net then I can help you in finding a good one. Here I am adding a suggestion for you.

SkyBound Replacement Trampoline

Replacement Trampoline Safety Net Enclosure | for 15ft Skywalker Frames w/ 6 Straight-Curved Poles | Tear and Weather-Resistant


Want to create a safe fun time on a trampoline for kids? Then rely on SkyBound Replacement Trampoline and relax in your home. This product will ensure maximum safety for your kids. This product has some features to offer which made it picked on my top list.

First of all, the net is made of plastic material. So, you can blindly rely on the sturdiness and durability of this enclosure net. Moreover, the net is torn resistance and weather resistance. So, let your monkeys jump on the trampoline wildly now.

Secondly, the height of the trampoline is ideal 23 inches. So, even if your kid jumps too high, there will be no chance for them to fall outside the safety net. Great! Isn’t it?

Also, the net won’t make any obstacles to restrict your visibility. So, parents can check the kids outside from windows or balconies. Plus, the installation of this safety net is quite easy and simple. The bottom edge of the safety net gets attached to the trampoline’s frame.

Once the installation is complete, the net will be stretched wide and won’t move an inch from the place. The net is specially made for 12Ft trampolines, but you can use it on 14Ft & 15Ft trampolines too!

What we like 

  • Made of durable material to ensure sturdiness. 
  • The ideal height to assure the safety of children.
  • Very easy to install, so hassle-free jumping.

What we don’t like

  • Poles or Pole caps aren’t included.

How to Make Trampoline Nets?

The curious people may be thinking of something new, how to make a net at home. Good news for you, here I will shortly explain how can you make a net at home instead of purchasing.

  1. First, you need to measure the trampoline and calculate the netting area.
  2. To do this, multiply the number you measured by 10. 
  3. Purchase nylon netting according to the measurement. 
  4. Gather some stakes (better using wooden stakes)
  5. Place the steaks in uneven intervals.
  6. Hammer the stakes by 18 inches into the ground.
  7. You should use a spirit level for leveling them properly.
  8. Go to the first stake and wrap 3 feet of strings and run through the edge of your purchased nylon netting.
  9. Secure the netting and the top, middle and bottom sections.
  10. Now, stretch the netting to every single post.
  11. Before reaching the last stake once again secure the netting following the same way on the same sections. 
  12. Your net is ready. Now give it a check if everything seems tight and appropriate.


  • Before purchasing the net, double-check the measurement. By any chance, if you mess up in measuring then the net will come in no use.
  • If you are not an expert or have no previous experience then it is wise to purchase instead of making one.

Is a trampoline net safe?

Safety is a very major issue in the case of trampolines. Especially on an outdoor trampoline, maintaining safety is a must. In safety measures, using an enclosure net is a must. The CBS News stated that trampolines are 50% safer with using an enclosure net. A safety net is an excellent way to prevent falling from the trampoline. 

There are versatile types of trampolines on the market. Some come with an enclosure net, some don’t. If your trampoline doesn’t have an enclosure net, then you can buy it separately from any online website or market. Enclosure net is not only safe but also it gives a comfortable barrier around the trampoline. 

Final Verdict

Trampoline accidents are rapidly increasing and getting too common. But it provides great fun to kids and adults who can exercise on a trampoline while having fun. Just by using and learning how to put a net on a trampoline,  you can stave off lots of accidents. Here I have discussed the easiest way to install trampoline safety nets with just 9 steps. 

Aside from that, I have explained some related topics that should be helpful for you. Don’t miss any section, and read the follow the instructions step accordingly. 

Don’t be in a rush and must check out the manual before starting the setup process. Hopefully, you will face no problem while putting a net on a trampoline.

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