How to set up a trampoline: 12 Easy Steps

Whenever you buy a trampoline, you never get it completely assembled. It must be a smaller box containing all the parts of the trampoline. That’s why people often find it confusing about installing it. Though most trampolines come with a general trampoline setup instructions manual, some of them are not completed or come in a different language.

So, today we aim to show you the complete process of how to set up a trampoline. We have divided the whole process into easy steps so that you can understand the process completely.

Before we start discussing the steps, we suggest you learn about how long it takes to assemble the trampoline. It is also essential to learn about the tools you need for that. So, don’t skip any part of the content and keep going.

How long does it take to set up a trampoline?

It can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour for a trampoline to be set up. Because it depends on the size of the trampoline that you are doing to set up. However, on average it takes one to three hours or sometimes even more. The most important part is making sure the mat is firmly anchored to the ground and the springs are tight.

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Before you learn about how to set up a trampoline, you should learn about where to set it up and exactly how long you need for the setup. You have to make time before you start the process. Selecting the place is completely on you. But we can help you presuming how long it takes for the installation.

The time is generally depending on the size of the trampoline. Check out the following chart to learn about how long it takes for a trampoline installation.

So, check the size of your trampoline and get it about how long you have to work to assemble it. When you start for it, make sure to be fully energized and have enough time for that.

Here I have listed the most popular 10ft to 16th trampoline reviews and guide along with the 10ft trampoline instructions.

Tools You Will Need to Assemble a Trampoline

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set up a trampoline

Generally, people don’t need a lot of tools to assemble a trampoline. Indeed, most of the tools the process requires are available in our home except one. That is a power drill. We are sure that most of us already have this at home but if you don’t have it, you can simply call an electrician and ask him to help you.

Besides, you will need a rubber mallet and a Phillips screwdriver. Also, a pair of safety hand gloves are also essential for this task. Additionally, you will need a spring puller too. Most trampolines come with an extra spring puller. If you get one, then you won’t need it additionally.

Trampoline setup cost

A trampoline can provide the best entertainment and one of the healthy ways to exercise and have fun, but it can also be expensive to set up. Here are the costs of setting up a trampoline, according to The Huffington Post.

Huffington Post.

The cost of the enclosure (trampoline frame, padding, netting), the jumping mat, springs, and connectors can range from around $50 to $200. For a bigger trampoline, you may also need poles and anchors. However, it depends on the size of the trampoline.

Steps by Step Trampoline Set-up Instructions

So, here we come to the main part of this content about how to set up a trampoline. Basically, setting up a trampoline is not a very tough task. But you may need a pair of helping hands for that. However, from just opening the box to jumping on the trampoline, we divided the whole task into particular steps. You can check them sequentially.

You can also download the trampoline assembly instructions pdf from here

Step 1: Open the Box

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First of all the steps in the trampoline setup instructions, you have to open the box trampoline. Generally, all the parts of the trampoline are in two or sometimes, three boxes whether you buy it from an online shop or from a sports market. So, when you get the boxes, you should make sure that all the parts have come in the box.

If you miss any part of the box, you can fail to fix it. To ensure everything is in its place, you can follow an easy trick. Just check out the instruction manual and you will get a list of all parts the box contains. Then find one after another according to the list.

Most trampolines come with the following parts. Indeed these parts are mandatory to fix it.

  • Galvanized Steel Frame
  • T-Section Joints
  • Trampoline Legs
  • Enclosure net
  • Enclosure Poles
  • Steel Ladder (optional)
  • Spring cover
  • Anchor kit pegs (optional)

You can also check what are trampolines made of.

Step 2: Organize the Tools and Parts of the Trampoline

You have already learned about the basic tools you will need to assemble the trampoline. At this point, you have to make sure that all the tools are right beside your hand. Also, you should organize all the parts of the trampoline properly now. It will help you find them sequentially while assembling the whole thing.

Step 3: Form the Circular Frame

The frame won’t come with the frame already set up. It will come in particular parts. And you have to assemble it to give a shape. For that, you have to put on all the parts together and give it the appropriate shape. You have to snap the parts together and when it gets the complete shape, just lay it on the ground.

Step 4: Assemble the Frame with the Legs

After joining the ring together, now it turns to assemble the legs. Generally, all trampolines have spots on the ring where legs fit into the point perfectly. However, one can also use a hammer to make them adjust to it. Additionally, it is suggested to use the hammer carefully or it might cause a defect on the ring.

If the frame has been set up primarily, then it comes to adjusting the nuts and bolts on the securing points. It is very important to check the screws and bolts and to make sure it has been settled properly. Also, using a screwdriver is a lengthy process so one can choose a power drill to make the work trouble-free.

Step 5: Set the Whole Frame

Normally, it is tenacious to flip over the frame by oneself. And it is nearly impossible to do this job without a partner. So, one needs to hold one side of the frame, and the other needs to tackle the opposite side.

Then comes to flip over the trampoline in a single blow until it’s on its legs and it shouldn’t wobble while turning over. However, if the frame wobbles then it is essential to recheck the setup parts. Generally, it happens because of unsteady legs so a power drill or screwdrivers is a handy tool to strengthen the unfinished parts.

If you are confused about the safety of a trampoline, read 4 legitimate reasons why trampolines are safe.

Step 6: Install the Spring

Installing the springs individually is a little complex but a partner may make the task easier. Along with a partner, it requires you to take control of an even number of springs. Most of the time, four each is the starting point.

Similarly, the other partner will grab an equal number of hooks on the opposite side of the trampoline.

Step 7: Attach the Mat

After adjoining the springs to its entitled hooks, it needs to be set to metal rings. Doing this task, a spring pulling device is needed to link the springs and the hooks. Additionally, a rubber mallet will help to press down the springs into the spot after it is attached to metal rings, even though it gets harder in the middle way.

Under the mat, you will have a big hollow space. You can use the space for different reasons. Check out what to put under a trampoline.

Step 8: Set the Protective Pad Around the Frame

While managing the trampoline, the most simple part is to place the pad over the springs. Usually, the base of the pad consists of holes and it lines up with the legs. Most of the time, it offers metal hooks, ropes, or velcro to attach the pad to the trampoline. The only suggestion is to recheck if it is all over the springs.

Step 9: Attach the Enclosure Frame to the Bungee Loops

You must be aware that all the trampolines don’t come with the enclosure net. It is indeed an essential part of a trampoline for safety issues. So, if your trampoline comes with an enclosure net, you have to check this step. Otherwise, you can ignore it.

However, to attach the enclosure net to the frame, you have to hold the bungee loops and attach them to the net. Generally, the loops look like simple rubber bands. The loops will help keep the net in its place.

If the place is windy the trampoline can blow up. Read how to keep the trampoline from blowing away.

Step 10: Attach the Enclosure to the Frame

The frame for the net generally comes in multiple parts. You have to assemble them to give them the right shape. Just connect all the parts together and then use the drill to screw them to the bolts.

Next, you have to attach the hooks to the bungee loops. You have to attach it to the hole of the top post of the enclosure net. Next, lift the whole frame and assemble them in their right place and then simply place the enclosure net.

Here I have written an in-depth article for you on how to set up a trampoline net

Step 11: Recheck If Everything Is Okay

The process is now in the end. At this point, you have to give a recheck on the whole process. Make sure that all the parts are used appropriately and are in their respective places. Also, make sure that the bolts are tightly screwed. Once you have done testing, you can use it.

Step 12: Test It for Security

Before you let your kids and family use the trampoline, isn’t it better to try it by yourself at first? We are meaning to test it for security concerns. It can collapse if something is wrong anywhere. So, if you are sincere and test it first, you can find out the problem.

So, these are the easy steps you can follow in the trampoline setup instructions. Make sure not to skip a single part. And also, try to follow the instructions sequentially. If you want to install the trampoline on a slop, read how to install a trampoline on a slop.

Trampoline set up service

Well, if you want to hire a professional or want to hire someone to set up your trampoline like a pro then you can also hire professionals. The total project cost will likely be between $300-$2500. Thought the cost completely depends on the size of the trampoline that you are going to set up. For more info, you can follow this


Now, the question, ‘how to set up a trampoline?’ most probably won’t seem confusing to you. Just follow the steps sequentially and properly. If it is a small size trampoline, you can make it by yourself. For a big trampoline, you will probably need a helper.

However, disassembling a trampoline is easy as well. You just have to reverse the process. If you want to learn more, check out How to disassemble a trampoline.

So, here we take our leave for today. We will try to come back with something new very soon. Till they stay safe and bounce on your trampoline. Happy bouncing.

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