Importance of Having a Trampoline Enclosure Net [Explained]

Most trampolines have their mats around 2 to 3 feet above the ground. So, there is a big chance for the users to fall from the jumping surface to the ground. Ultimately, the risk factor grows. That’s why an enclosure net is so important for the trampoline. Indeed, the importance of having a trampoline enclosure net is quite a lot.

No doubt that most of the kid’s trampoline comes with an enclosure net. Still, we find many people don’t even use it at all. Maybe it’s for their idleness or their kids don’t like it.

Whatever the reason is, you should always use the net. Just using the enclosure net can simply save your kids from dangerous accidents.

To help you understand the importance of having a trampoline enclosure net, we think it is essential to introduce you to the enclosure net first. After that, we will talk about the importance of the enclosure net widely. So, stay connected.

What Is an Enclosure Net?

SkyBound 15 Foot Replacement Trampoline Net (Fits 15ft Skywalker Trampolines with 6 Straight-Curved Poles) Trampoline Enclosure Net

Well, many of you, especially the beginners, have already started thinking about what this enclosure net is and what their functions are. An enclosure net is not any sort of uncommon or unfamiliar thing for a trampoline. Indeed most of the trampolines, especially the kid’s trampoline come with the in-built enclosure net.

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However, an enclosure net is basically a safety net that helps users avoid falling from the mat. The net is made of high-quality synthetic material and zinc tubes. It is woven perfectly to ensure enough strength and durability. The net generally has the same length as the mat viameter. The height varies from product to product.

The whole net is used to cover the trampoline around its poles. All the enclosure net comes with a door to get in and out of the trampoline through it. Besides, most doors come with zipper and buckle locks. Thus, it ensures safety by keeping the door locked properly.

In general, a trampoline enclosure is not a very costly part. It is available everywhere and so, you don’t have to worry if you don’t get a net with the trampoline. You can buy it anyway.

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SkyBound 15 Foot Replacement Trampoline Net (Fits 15ft Skywalker Trampolines with 6 Straight-Curved Poles)

SkyBound 15 Foot Replacement Trampoline Net (Fits 15ft Skywalker Trampolines with 6 Straight-Curved Poles)

SkyBound 15 Foot Replacement Trampoline Net (Fits 15ft Skywalker Trampolines with 6 Straight-Curved Poles)

Importance of Having a Trampoline Enclosure Net

I bet you have already got some ideas about the importance of having a trampoline enclosure net. But there are many points of benefits you may not know about using a trampoline enclosure. That’s the point we are discussing today. Let’s check out the 6 unexpected but true facts of the benefits of using an enclosure net.

1. It Lets the Kids Jump Only on the Mat

The first and foremost duty of a trampoline is to keep your kids safe inside the trampoline. The height of the net is more than how high your kids can jump on the mat. So, there is no way they can spackle from the trampoline. However, you can get a clear idea from the points below about how the net can save your kids.

  • The net saves the kids to get hurt while hitting the spring. The mat is particularly set around the mat. So, kids cannot cross it and hit the spring.
  • Kids cannot fall from the mat to the ground because of the net. Indeed, the net is longer than most kids’ jumping range. So, every time they cross the boundary, they will come back on the mat because of the net.
  • Most enclosure nets come with a zipped door. Some of them come with buckles as well. So, there is no way the kids can fall from the door.

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2. Kids Can Spread Out As They Wish If There Is an Enclosure Net

Like the same way the net protects your kids from falling on the ground, it provides the kid’s freedom of jumping. They can simply jump on any part of the trampoline as they wish. As the net will be there to keep them inside the boundary, there will be no risk factor as well. So, you kids can just forget about their way of jumping and enjoy the bounce as they wish.

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3. The Net Protect Them From Sunburn

One of the most effective importance of having a trampoline enclosure is this one. Most often, kids love to jump on the trampoline in the daytime. And the sun is always active in the daytime to harm your kids’ skin. But the enclosure net will be there for your kids’ skin from the UV lights.

The net is higher enough to create shades all over the mat. The tiny woven net has synthetic material and so, it can easily make shades. So, your kids will have no sunburn and brushes if you set an enclosure net around your trampoline.

4. Parents Can look After The Kids Easily If There Is an Enclosure Net

Yes, you can keep noticing your kids if there is a trampoline enclosure. Your kids cannot come out of the trampoline enclosure net so easily. There is a zipped door that they have to open. So, they cannot come out and get into it so often if you set the net properly. Indeed, you can watch after their doings easily.

NB: Most often, the trampoline is set outside. And there can be intruders or your kids can go right to roads alone if you are not there with them. Opening an encounter door is easy and so, you should track their activities all the time if it is outside.

5. The Net Prevents the Pets and Other Animals from Jump on the Trampoline

You must keep your trampoline outside all the time. So, pets and other animals can easily get into it and make it dirty. If you use an enclosure, they cannot possibly enter into it anyway. For that, you have to ensure closing the door properly. If you keep the trampoline inside, this fact won’t be an issue.

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6. The Enclosure Net Keeps the Trampoline Cleaner

Finally, the enclosure net keeps your trampoline net clean. When the wind blows, dry leaves, feathers, and dirt can easily gather on the trampoline mat and make it dirty. If the mat is surrounded by a net, the mat will be cleaner for sure.

These are the basic sorts of the importance of having a trampoline enclosure net. So, if you buy a trampoline for your kids, check if there is any enclosure net with it. If it doesn’t have any, but a loose enclosure net for sure. And one thing, you must agree that we shouldn’t be compromising when it is about a safety issue. So, be careful and wise about the use of trampolines.

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Final Verdict

We are sure that you are well aware of the benefits of jumping on a trampoline. It keeps both the kids and adults healthy and active. Indeed, it’s a quite good term for exercise. So, using a trampoline is definitely a good idea regarding your age. And at the same time, we all should be careful about its safety factors.

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The safety factor of a trampoline is quite depending on its enclosure net. And you have already learned about the importance of having a trampoline enclosure net. So, make sure to set it properly and keep using it whether it is for a kid or an adult. The safety factor is definitely essential to maintain for all.

So, that’s all for today and it’s high time we take our leave. We promise we will come back again with something more important and interesting.

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