15 proven health benefits of using a trampoline for exercise.

Trampoline jumping is one of the most underrated exercises in adults. Your whole body gets worked out well when you jump and rebound on a trampoline. I personally didn’t miss the trampoline workout while. There are a lot of benefits of using a trampoline for exercise.

I don’t think of another exercise that can put your body at a brief weightless state to experience the force of the gravity. 

benefits of using a trampoline for exercise

So you’ll be having fun while reaping the health benefits of using a trampoline for exercise. 

I like trampoline jumping because it is a universal exercise.

You can use it for both patients and healthy individuals without any potential side effects. 

Let’s say your running and jogging for fitness. But do you know that prolonged cardiovascular activities could slow down your metabolism because of breathlessness? 

I’ve seen little to no disadvantages of trampoline jumping yet. So let’s not waste time and see how bouncing on a trampoline is making us look younger and live longer

What are the benefits of using a trampoline for exercise? I got 15 of them. 

There are numerous benefits of jumping on a trampoline. You will get an energy boost from both jumping up and rebounding down to the trampoline mat. Let’s discuss some of these benefits below. 

However, before going dive into deep, if you are a mini trampoline lover like me! then check out these 15 health benefits using a mini-trampoline.

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1. Trampoline Weight loss

Weight Lose

The main magic happens when you come down from a jump. These are called rebounder exercises. Rebound is proven to be 68% more effective than jogging, according to NASA’S Journal of applied physiology

It also burns more calories than jogging. Don’t worry about your metabolism. You won’t stress it if you jump gently. 

2. Elevates immunity


During the time of the pandemic, where jogging or any other outside activities are not safe, you can bounce to up your immunity. Rebounding elevates the opening of the lymphatic nodes which release a compound that fight viruses and infections. 

3. Detoxification

Again the lymphatic system stimulates the detoxification of the body. It also strengthens the muscle and repairs damaged cells. The detoxification occurs when you achieve the highest point of your jump. Your body goes to a weightless state which triggers all these phenomena in your body. 

4. Increases Bone density

increase bone

Once you start to jump on the trampoline, your body experiences a little amount of G-force. Trampoline exercise also shown to be very helpful to prevent degenerative diseases like osteoporosis. 

Along with increasing bone strength, it also fortified tendons, ligaments and joint integrity which will prevent disease like arthritis. 

5. Oxygen circulation

Studies showed that your body experiences an increase in biomechanical stimuli from bouncing on the trampoline. That’s why astronauts are advised to jump on a trampoline to recover from the lower gravity of space. 

6. Stimulates Cardiovascular system 

We already told you about the lymphatic system stimuli circulation. Rebounding also helps with blood circulation, which leads to a healthier cardiovascular state of the body. You will be less likely to develop edema from the blood pool into the vein from rebounding. 

7. Reduces the effect of varicose veins

If you want to get rid of varicose veins permanently, then bouncing on a trampoline is the most effective option. Constant rebound helps your vein to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow. Veins become more endurance, and you’ll experience a reduction in pain.

8. Destroys cancer cells

I think this is the miracle of jumping on a trampoline regularly. The more you jump and rebound the better chance for your lymphatic system fluids to circulate Every part of your body and fight cancerous cells. What fascinated me the most is that the lymphatic system not only destroys the cancerous cell but also drain them out of your system through lymphatic drainage vessels. 

9. Enrich your sexual health

sexual health

Bouncing on a trampoline will increase pelvic muscle strength, which is responsible for enhanced orgasms, bladder control, and hip joint stability. 

You should at least bounce for 15-20 minutes to see the result in a few weeks. At first, it may feel like you’re going to see, but in time, these feelings will go away after developing a robust pelvic muscle. 

Men who suffer from premature ejaculations also try bouncing on the trampoline. It will increase your libido and help you maintain a consistent erection. 

10. Rebound makes you strong

Rebounding consistently for months will make you healthier and faster. Your bone, muscle, core, and calf muscles will tone up. You’ll feel the difference immediately within two weeks of post trampoline activities. 

From bones to cartilage, the backbone to your shin bones, every inch of your body will get benefits from bouncing on the trampoline. Studies showed that people who rebound have more bone density than people who don’t use the trampoline. 

11. Increases your body balance and coordination

body balance

People who used the trampoline have more balance and body coordination than those who don’t do any exercise. When you bounce on the trampoline, the vestibule in your middle year gets stimulated. This is the process that increases your balance. 

12. Decrease Cellulite

Decrease Cellulite

Rebounding also stimulates the thyroid gland. As a result, the thyroid starts to clean itself and your body’s fat storage lymphatic system. 

13. Increases your energy on a Cellular level

If you want to increase the mitochondrial count of each cell to get energy on demand, start bouncing on a trampoline today. Rebounding will elevate your energy level on a Cellular level and allow your body to use them when needed. 

We are supposed to feel exhausted after an exercise, right? Jumping on a trampoline reverses the process. You’ll feel more energetic after each jumping session. You’ll also experience an increased metabolism which will help you to lose weight faster. 

14. Significant lower impact cardiovascular exercise


Those who have a severe case of cardiovascular abnormality should use a trampoline because the jumping doesn’t impact our legs and body thanks to the flexible mat. Patients reported better results from trampoline jumping than jogging and running. 

An excellent way to increase your heart rate. An average American should spend at least 20-25 minutes active on a trampoline, says the American college of sports medicine. 

15. More straightforward exercise for those who have chronic joint pain 


Patients who suffer from chronic joints should use the trampoline as a replacement exercise because jumping on a trampoline impacts 80% less on their joints than running and jogging. 

In time, these patients start to strengthen their muscle joints. And the pain begins to fade because there is less pressure on the bone. 

16. Menstrual discomfort and truncate fatigue

Menstrual discomfort and truncate fatigue

Women who experience menstrual cramps and pain know how severe the problem is. Fortunately, your girls can take a stand against this nature’s freak show by jumping on the trampoline. 

Once you start to rebound, your body revived the endocrine system by detoxifying excess toxins and hormones out of the system. 

That’s why gynaecologists prescribe trampoline activities to reduce hormonal imbalances and lower blood pressure. Start your bouncing today and see the difference. 


I bet you never even imagined so many health benefits of using a trampoline for exercise. 

I’m guessing you’re already browsing to buy the best trampoline for money including the trampoline size guide. I also experienced that the trampoline rebound has elevated the result of my other exercises. 

I don’t think a person needs a doctor’s visit ever in his or her lifetime if they consistently do trampoline and swimming activities. 

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