Trampoline Age Recommendation! At What Age Is It Safe For Children?

Trampolines are fun outdoor activities for kids and adults. But you cannot deny the possibility of life-threatening injuries. However, jumping on a trampoline provide us a lot of health benefits.

That’s why you are not entitled to do individual sports until you reach a more prudent age. Like any other sports, you have to follow the trampoline age recommendation guide.

The most common injury involving a trampoline is broken bones. That’s why children are to be kept away from the trampoline at all costs. So it’s essential to know at what age is it safe for children to use a trampoline before buying out of emotion for your kids.

The right age for children to use a trampoline is six years old. According to the American College of orthopedics and the American Academy of Pediatrics, a child should never step foot on a trampoline until the age of six

Why Trampoline Age Recommendation for kids?

Trampoline Age Recommendation

The age restriction is there for a reason. Children have less bone density than an adult or a teenager. So they are more prone to breakages from minor impacts and falls. 

The shinbone and the knee joint aren’t strong enough for kids under six years old to jump on a trampoline. The bigger problem lies elsewhere though.  Children take less time to recover from a broken bone situation. 

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But I’m talking about head injuries. And most trampoline-related injuries occur on the upper portion of the body. Most of our vulnerable organs are there. And a head injury could be life-threatening for a kid. 

A head injury can lead to permanent disabilities, vision loss, coordination and motion loss as well as impaired movement. But the real danger is the need for immediate brain treatment like surgeries and CT scan to detect the severity of the injury. 

Children’s skull is more prone to fracture easily than adults, so I don’t see why you should ever consider getting a trampoline for your minors.

If you are planning to take your child indoor trampoline park, then make sure you did proper research about safety.

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Should I buy my kid a trampoline right away after they are six?

Should I buy

Not a chance. You should be a responsible parent and take her to the nearest paediatrician to undergo some medical check-ups. Once she clears your kid and grants permission to use the trampoline, then you’re good to go.  

These medical checkouts are used to evaluate the current condition of your kids bone density and any other medical conditions that might lead to harm from repeated pressure of trampoline jumping. 

Even if your kid turns out to be healthy, you cannot let him or her go on trampoline jumping without your or an adult’s supervision. 

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How to make a trampoline safer for kids?

benefits of using a trampoline for exercise

Don’t let your child on a trampoline without taking all the necessary safety measures. That’s why you need to know all about the safety measures of a trampoline. 

After getting a trampoline, please read the instructions before setting it up. If your trampoline doesn’t include a ladder, then you should buy one. Also, don’t ever underestimate the importance of a safety enclosure net. 

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A few trampoline safety tips that may save your child’s life

1. Don’t install the trampoline near hard objects.

The minimum space a trampoline should have at each side is at least 1.5 meter up to 3 meters. So if you don’t have that kind of clear space to install the trampoline, then try to buy a smaller model. And if the smaller one doesn’t leave enough distance away from bushes, fences, poles or walls, don’t buy the trampoline. 

2. Check out the springs and bolts regularly.

The spring attached to the trampoline at each of the trampoline frames creates tension so you can bounce. You have to inspect the tightness and stability of these springs at least once a week. 

Lose spring, and wobbly screws can lead to uneven surface tension which might set the kinetic energy on the sideways instead of upper—a recipe for disaster. 

3. Cover the springs, screws and hooks

Landing on the edge of the trampoline is very real. And kids tend to land more often than adults because they don’t have a higher level of coordination and balance like adults. 

So you should install thick safety pads to cover the edge of the trampoline. Try using different colour pads to distinguish it from the Color of your trampoline mat. 

4. Do the overwatch

You have to inspect the kids while they have fun jumping. Kids are relentless and more enthusiastic without reasons. So they will try to test their limit and jump higher. 

The rebound of their jump could end up outside of the trampoline mat. You have to supervise them and control their momentum. Don’t let them keep on jumping for hours. You shouldn’t allow them on the trampoline after 25-30 minutes maximum. 

5. Take off any jewelry or sharp objects

Both boys and girls might have shape objects on them while jumping on a trampoline. Boys should check their pockets for coins or other sharp objects and toys. They should also leave the watch. 

And girls should take off any jewelry they are wearing. Even if her dress has sharp objects, she shouldn’t be wearing that to have fun on a trampoline. 

Always stay on alert.

Jumping on a trampoline may look safe and fun, but at the end of the day, it’s a dangerous way to feel the adrenaline pumping. I’ve put some safety measures together for you to follow. Hope it helps. 

And please, be reasonable and follow the trampoline safety rules. Don’t allow children below six years old on a  trampoline. Have fun and bounce safe kids. 

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