11 Benefits of Rebounding – Change Your Body Instantly

It’s hard to take the time out for exercise every day. But rebounding is an efficient exercise that can be done indoors every day. Today I’ll share with you the benefits of rebounding and how 15 minutes on the trampoline exercise can change your body for the best. 

According to NASA, trampolining has shown to be more beneficial than running on a treadmill.

Only 10 minutes of rebounding is equivalent to 30 minutes of running. After starting to rebound, your cardiovascular and lymphatic system will fire up the circulation. Rebounder before and after-effects will be noticeable right away. 

Trampoline for exercise that will not leave you breathless. But not everyone has the space to place a trampoline. For those, I got great news. Instead of getting a full-size trampoline, start rebounding mini trampoline workout 15 minutes a day.  

The best part is, mini-trampoline rebounding offers more health benefits than a regular trampoline. 

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Here are those 11 benefits of rebounding

How 15 minutes on the trampoline can change your body

Trampoline Can Change Your Body

1. Physical and cognitive composure

If you are experiencing lightheadedness, perhaps 10-15 minutes rebounding on a trampoline may relieve your symptoms. 

But how? 

Imagine standing on one leg with your eyes closed. You’ll see how your body loses its balance as you try to shift weight to prevent a fall. This process of constant micro-adjustment is called proprioception where a signal is sent from your brain to your legs. 

When you rebound, the ocular and inner ear canal enhance proprioception signals. The result is better reaction time, environmental awareness, enhanced sense of balance. A cheap yet effective way to train your nervous system to perfection. 

Rebounding promotes both physical and cognitive balance that stays intact even in your golden years. People who are experiencing idiopathic pain can benefit immensely from rebounding 15 minutes a day. 

Enhance the awareness of your body’s position and orientation as well as cognitive composure. Yes, it’s true what they say. Healthy body, healthy mind. 

2. Rebounding lowers stress

As I said before, mental and physical well-being are interrelated. In my opinion, a strong mind is just as important as a strong immune system. 

So, after work, don’t call it a day. Just bounce a few minutes and feel the difference. Get the blood pumping in your underused limbs or loosen up your overused muscles.  

Rebounding as little as 5-10 minutes will prompt your brain to release endorphins. It’s an anti-stress hormone that helps you relax. 

3. Rebounding promises lymphatic circulation

You already heard that an inactive lifestyle builds toxins in your system over time. But why? Because of your lymphatic drainage system, a network of tissues needs to be stimulated by physical activity to work efficiently. 

Our heart pumps constantly to keep the blood in circulation. But the lymphatic drainage system requires physical activity to work. 

If you rebound on a trampoline for 15 minutes a day, your lymphatic flow will be 15 times better than the inactive stage. The bouncing effect will cause the lymphatic valves to open and close simultaneously to drain out toxins. 

4. Rebounding enhances your immune system

There’s a link between our immune system and the lymphatic network. When we get an infection, a healthy lymphatic system will be able to deliver lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell to fight off the infection. 

That’s why regular physical activity is essential to defend our bodies from viruses, bacterias, and infections. 

You can do that by rebounding indoors for 10-15 minutes every day. Stimulate your thyroid glands to produce more T cells and flush out stored fat through the lymphatic network. Prevent diseases like cellulitis and other hormonal disorders. 

5. Rebounding lowers your blood sugar

Higher blood sugar and insulin-resistant are almost always the culprits for complex diseases. Apart from eating healthy, if you rebound for 15 minutes a day, it’ll regulate your blood sugar. 

Rebounding on a trampoline will cause your muscle to use energy. Your muscle will use the sugar from your blood as a fuel resulting in lowering the blood glucose level. If you keep rebounding every day, you’ll body will adapt to use insulin more efficiently. 

6. Rebounding will help you lose weight

Help your heart by rebounding. Any physical activity aid blood flow to your arteries. It strengthens the heart muscle and carries more oxygen and nutrients all over your body. 

Physical activity increases the body’s muscle to fat ratio. Your body uses stored fat and glucose to feed the muscle. Over time, your body becomes toned as you start losing fat. 

Pairing with a healthy diet and 15 minutes of rebounder workout will help you lose fat and gain more muscle. When you rebound, your large muscles will fire up the cardiovascular system all over the body. Your body will rid the harmful LDL cholesterol and prevent heart and venereal diseases. 

7. Rebounding assist your pelvic floor for sexual enhancement 

Strengthening your pelvic floor muscle will spark your love life. So add exercise rebounder with kegel and become the man of her dream. 

A pelvic floor is a group of muscles that looks like a hammock across your pelvis. They support the bladder, prostate, and kidney. 

If you rebound every day, the pelvic muscle will be flexible and strong. You’ll start to notice the improvement in your sexual health. Rebounding will also reduce the symptoms of urinary incontinence. 

But take it slow at first. When you start your rebound session, begin at a slower pace. Let your body adapt to the sudden gravitational pulls. And don’t forget to empty your bladder before rebounding. 

8. Rebounding strengthens muscle and bone

When you are rebounding, the body is elevating against gravity. In the mid-air, your body will experience 2-3 times more gravity than usual. 

This resistance is great for your muscle and bones. Once you land on the rebounder, most of the shock is being absorbed by the elastic floor and springs. 

That’s why the benefits of a trampoline are greater than other high-impact exercises. 

Your muscles and bones are formed by tissues. Every time you are physically active, these tissues will get damaged. Your body will replace them with newer and stronger tissues. That’s how rebounding strengthens your entire body. 

9. Rebounding lowers blood pressure and enhances lung capacity

During this covid situation, you should always do whatever necessary to strengthen your lung and normal blood pressure. 

High blood pressure increases the risk of stress and inflammation which suppresses our immune system. 

Rebounding helps bring more oxygen into your lung. You’ll experience reduced symptoms if you are suffering from lung diseases

Rebounder bounce exercises contract your muscle that triggers rhythmic compression of your vein. This helps fluid to circulate more efficiently throughout the body and lowers peripheral blood pressure. 

10. Rebounding strengthens your immune system and prevent cancer 

If the word cancer strikes fear in your mind, then stop eating processed food, get off your couch, and grab a trampoline. Because rebounding reduces the risk of developing cancer. 

Mini trampoline exercises enhance circulation in your lymphatic system. Your body drains out cancer cells through this network and keeps your thyroid glands clean. 

A strong immune system is key to prevent diseases and lead a healthy life. When you are trampolining every day, it elevates mitochondria level in your body. As a result, your body’s endurance level increases. 

11. Rebounding will improve your digestive system

If you are experiencing chronic digestive problems like IBS, don’t do breathless exercise. Because vigorous exercise over a long period could make your condition worse. 

Rebounding puts less stress on your body. You will barely run out of breath from rebounding on a trampoline. It will reduce your bloated gut by aiding the movement of foods in the colon. 

You’ll also feel a sense of tightness in your stomach. Rebounding exercise will reduce your swollen belly and increase metabolism. 

See what Dr. Berg has to say about trampoline benefits. 

Should I do a rebounding exercise? 

Rebounding exercise offers so many health benefits. You won’t find a more efficient and effective exercise while staying stationary at your house. 

But there are some drawbacks. You have to find out if you are fit enough to rebound. Let’s say you have a back issue. Now you might wonder whether jumping on a trampoline is bad for your back or not? 

Trampoline is known to be very gentle on the joints. Instead of putting pressure on them, rebounding strengthens the muscle surrounding the joints. But don’t take my words for it. Find out if the trampoline is bad for your knees. 

Also, here are a few pros and cons of trampolines that will help you decide. 

Check out a mini trampoline workout video for some useful bouncing exercises. 


Any type of exercise will benefit your body in some way. But rebounding benefits are undeniable. This bouncing exercise is a low-impact and efficient cardiovascular enhancer. 

Whether you are fitness rebounding or doing it for the fun, the benefits of the trampoline will always outweigh its con. 

It’s a miracle how 15 minutes on the trampoline can change your body in just 4 weeks! Apart from swimming, there’s no low-impact exercise on the planet that is good for your health yet less stressful. 

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